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Published on February 27th, 2013


Best Coyote Rifle

best coyote hunting gunWhat is the best coyote rifle?  There are a lot of great choices when it comes to rifles for shooting coyotes. Read on below to see some popular coyote rifles.

It’s impossible to say one rifle is the “best coyote rifle” for everyone because everyone has different needs and budgets.

Honestly, as long as your rifle is at least a .22lr and you can hit your target accurately out to 100 yards then that is a great coyote rifle, simple as that.

Are you going to only use this rifle for coyotes?
If you want to shoot coyotes and smaller animals you will probably want to stick with a .22 mag, 17HMR or .22lr.

Or are you wanting to shoot deer or other larger game too?
This is easy, if you want to shoot coyotes and larger animals then you’ll need to get a .223 or .308.

Do you want a bolt action or semi-auto?
.223, .308 and .22lr have a wide array of semi-auto rifles. 17 HMR is only bolt action and the .22mag have limited selection semi-auto rifles.

Do you care how much each round of ammo costs?
.223 can cost around $.50-$1+ per shot
.308 is $.75+ per shot
.22 mag and 17 HMR are $.25+ per shot
.22lr is around $.05+per shot

Popular coyote rifle calibers: .22 mag, 17 HMR, .308, .223 and you can use .22lr


Here are a few of the best coyote hunting rifles

Savage Axis .308 & .223
Perhaps one of the most common rifles in coyote hunting, the Savage Axis is a bolt action rifle. The rifle comes in calibers that are effective for hunting coyotes. The rifle also has been tapped and drilled for scope mounts. It has a smooth black matte finishing for both its synthetic stock and barrel (which is 22″ and made of steel). The rifle is also available in different models that have different magazine capacities.

For a starting price of $300 it’s a hell of a gun.

Savage Axis 308

Ruger American .308
There is no experience that can be compared to the one that you will get using the .243 Win Ruger American bolt action rifle. This is perfect rifles for hunting even in windy and open plains. The rifle weighs 6.5 pounds making it a nice lightweight hunting rifle. The gun comes with scope rings and the integral system of rings on the gun makes mounting optics easy even for a beginner.

You can get this gun for under $400 even at Cabelas

Ruger American Rifle

There are many other coyote hunting rifles out there but most cannot give you the great hunting experience that these two rifles will. One of the best things about these two types of coyote hunting rifles is that they are pocket book friendly. Who doesn’t love the a great all around basic hunting rifle at a price of below $400? Those are two are the best inexpensive rifles for coyote hunting that will not limit you to just coyotes and smaller varmints.

If you are looking for the best coyote rifle for your next hunt, then one of these two rifles will be a good choice for any hunter out there. However, they’re basic bolt action rifles and they might be a bit too boring for some people and if you want to shoot some squirrels you don’t want to use a .223…you’ll want something smaller.

Hunting coyotes with 17 HMR Rifles

The 17 HMR rifle is a great coyote rifle with a longer and flatter shooting distance then a 22lr. The velocity on a 17 HMR is close to 2,500fps vs 1,200fps on a .22lr. The .22 mag has a a velocity of around 2,200.

The 17 HMR cartrage is designed for bolt action rifles only. They are very accurate and can take down small game and coyotes without any issues.

You can expect to pay between $250-$600 for standard 17 HMR rifle.

Checkout a list of 17 HMR rifles here >


(above) SAVAGE 93R17GV 17HMR

Hunting coyotes with .22 WMR .22 MAG Rifles

Probably one of the most popular coyote hunting rifle caliber is the .22 MAG. Most of the .22 mag rifles are bolt action however there are some semi-auto .22 mag rifles such as the popular Remington 597 below.

Prices range from $280 – $700.

Checkout a list of .22 mag rifles >



(above) REMINGTON 597 22MAG – $450


Hunting coyotes with .22 LR Rifles

Keep in mind you can also shoot coyotes just fine with a .22LR as long as you have a nice shot placement and are close enough. The .22lr is probably the last resort as far as shooting coyotes but they do work.

There are lots of .22LR rifles for under $300 that will do the job too. Or you can spend around $350-$450 and get a tactical .22LR that is not only fun to shoot coyotes with but a bit more fun to shoot in general compared to a bolt action rifle. Also the tactical .22LR rifles are over all just more fun because of the accessories you can add on and the aesthetics.

Ruger SR-22 rifle


Ruger SR22 Rifle



H&K 416 D145RS .22 LR



g22 with scope





Walther G22 22lr


GSG 522


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