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Published on January 28th, 2014


Glock 42 Magazines – High Capacity Glock 42 Extended Magazines

The new Glock 42 is finally starting to hit gun stores and currently there is only one Glock 42 magazine size that holds 6 rounds. Will there be more Glock 42 magazines in higher capacity sizes or even just an extended magazine? Probably, they make them for every other Glock so why not the G42. You can checkout the standard 6 round magazine here >

Glock 42 extended magazine predictions

  • Glock 42 8 round magazine
  • Glock 42 10 round magazine
  • Glock 42 12 round magazine

When practicing with your G42 the six round magazine goes very fast and then you’re back reloading again. So, like all the other Glocks I would imagine there will be higher capacity magazines if for no other reason then to practice with.

If you put more rounds in the magazine it’s going to get longer and the gun won’t be as easy to carry or as compact. I’d imagine an 8 round Glock 42 magazine wouldn’t push the mag out of the grip too far and would probably work for most users even to carry with.

However, if you start to get a magazine that protrudes past the grip more then 1.5 – 2 inches then it might start to get in the way for carrying. I think a 10-12 round magazine would please most people when then want to go target practice…we’ll have to wait and see what Glock brings out this year. Of course, this would be easy money for third party magazine manufactures if they can get the magazines to market in early 2014.

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