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Published on January 30th, 2013


GSG 1911 .22 LR

GSG 1911 .22 LR gadmin

Summary: Great value, looks awesome, shoots most mid range & up ammo and has lots of accessories.


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Everyone loves the 1911 look, feel and style but don’t like paying for .45 ammo.  Luckily several of the bets gun manufactures have been creating their own 1911 that shoots only the inexpensive .22 LR cartridge. German Sports Guns is one company that has been able to change the game by coming up with a pistol that has a .22 chamber in the form of the GSG 1911 .22. This company with its base in Höingen, Ense in Germany has been in the business of producing sports guns for 10 years and is known to have been very successful with the HK MP5 (GSG 522) version as produced by it.

gsg 1911 22 wood grip


The GSG 1911 22 was produced some time in 2010 and entered into a market already dominated by other brands that include the Rugger MK III, Beretta Neo, Browning Buckmark and many more. However, the GSG 1911 22 is a unique sporting gun as it has been able to replicate with accuracy the Colt M1911A1 pistol’s ergonomics as well as arms’ manual. This is among the numerous low cost .22LR trainers.


gsg 1911 for saleUntil you look at the muzzle of the GSG 1911 22 you will find it hard to differentiate it from a .45 ACP 10911. This is due to the fact that the sizes of both guns as well as the frame are the same. The gun’s weight is friendly. It weighs 34 ounces which is a bit lighter than the gun it resembles. However, as much as it is lighter you still get find out that it feels like a real .45 1911. The slide of the GSG 1911 22 is made out of zinc alloy that is lightweight. Looking at the gun for the first time you may be excused when you think that its frame is made of Parkerized steel. The manual of arms of this sports gun as well as the magazine release and slide stop functions are both the same as those on a 1911. The major physical difference that helps in the differentiating of the GSG 1911 22 from the M1911 is the barrel. The M1911’s barrel tilts back unlike that of the GSG 1911 22.

The GSG 1911 22’s Trigger
This gun has a much better trigger than you would expect to find on a gun of this type as well as one of the price that the GSG 1911 22 goes for. At the beginning the trigger may seem hard to pull but with time it be comes smooth and easier to use. The size is very friendly too. However, if you do not like the trigger you have the option of changing it with one of any other pistol that you like using better.



Grip and Handling

GSG produced guns normally come with checkered grip all this depending on the different models as well as the materials as there are those grips made of wood while others are made of plastic. Wooden grips have been said to be more functional and good looking with plastic grips coming in for anyone who intends to upgrade the way his or her gun looks. The grip is a very important consideration as it determines whether or not the gun can be handled with ease.


gsg-1911-magazineThis is one of the greatest highlights of this sports gun. The GSG 1911 22’s magazines are designed in a way that they look as well as feel exactly the same as the M1911 standard magazines. The magazines are designed in such a way that they are very easy to load. They also seem to have been made out of an alloy of zinc with the base plate and the follower being made out of plastic. The only problem is that the base plates made of plastics are very delicate as they are at the risk of breaking at the event of them falling to the ground. It is highly recommended that these base plates made of plastic be replaced with aluminum plates. However all this depends on the environment in which you will be using the GSG 1911 22 in.

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gsg-1911 base padYou can get an upgraded base plate made of Aluminum here.

Generally, the GSG 1911 22 is a sports gun that is easy to use and one that makes you feel like you are using the real thing. The safety features that include a manual grip safety, slide stop, disconnect or and many others make this gun a safe one to use. You can be sure that you will get the best results using this gun in all your shooting sports events. It is a gun worth trying.

  • Threaded barrel
  • Low cost – $330 give or take
  • Interchangeble grips
  • Shoots variety of .22 ammo
  • Quality build
  • Accurate
  • Fits parts from the Sig 1911 .22
  • Several after market parts available
  • Looks amazing
  • Some models have the same size and weight as the real .45.

What the owners say


You can find huge fans of this gun all over the internet. One quick look at a popular forum shows the love for this weapon as owners brag about how many thousands of rounds they’ve put through this GSG and how well it holds up. As one owner said he owns 4 higher end 1911 .22 LR pistols and the GSG is the only one he shoots.




There are a few different styles of 1911 .22 from GSG.

The GSG 1911 5″ with black grips
gsg 1911 22 5 inch

The GSG 1911 5″ with wood grips
gsg 1911 for sale

This GSG 1911 lover has shot over 3,000 rounds through his pistol and still looks great.

gsg 1911 with 3000 rounds

A GSG 1911 owner talks about his gun with over 2,500 rounds through it.

More GSG 1911 .22 lr pictures from around the web.

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