.22 LR gsg mp40

Published on January 30th, 2013


GSG MP40 22 LR

**Update November 2013 – The GSG MP40 will be released in April 2014 According to a company employee via email.

You will have the choice of either a 25 round magazine or if your state doesn’t allow that you can get a 10 round magazine. There is no word yet if the 10 round GSG mp40 magazines will be physically shorter or if they’ll keep the same look and size of the full size 25 round magazine.

I love GSG because they make some of the coolest guns that shoot the cheapest ammo possible (.22LR) and they keep the price low. Right now I own the GSG 522 and love it. Next I’ll probably get the GSG 1911 22 pistol because it looks great, shoots great and is built like a quality gun…and it’s fairly cheap.

GSG set their sites on the GSG MP40 .22 next and it sounds like it will be here later this year in 2013.  It’s the  MP-40 Schmeisser and yes they’re trying to get it shipped in that sweet wood create you see below it.

The guy at armoryblog.com went to the shot show this year and took these pictures (thanks).

gsg mp40 22


More pictures and video  below

gsg mp-40 22lr

gsg mp40

GSG .22LR MP-40

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