9MM remington R51 magazine

Published on February 11th, 2014


Remington R51 9MM 7 Round Magazine

Remington is releasing the Remington R51 in 2014 based of the popular older Model 51 that ended production in 1926.

The new R51 is 6 inches long and 4.5 inches high and is under 1 inch wide. Putting it closer to the M&P shield and Glock 42.

It doesn’t have a standard button safety and instead relies on a grip safety which is a little bit rare these days.

It is using a different operation that is known as the Pedersen lock (see video below) that helps dramatically with recoil and makes the pistol easier to rack which is great for lady shooters. In fact the cocking effort is around 16 pounds. This helps keeps the muzzle down when shooting and should give better accuracy.

Remington has been around for close to 200 years and they make some great products, I’m sure the R51 will be a winner for them.

Grabs some magazines over at http://www.weaponhero.com/remington-r51-magazine

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