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Published on August 23rd, 2013


Taurus CT9 Magazines – CT9 High Capacity Magazines

The new Taurus CT9 just came out and currently there are only the 10 round magazines available. Apparently there is a law on importing magazines higher then 10 rounds causing the issue and since these are imported from Taurus in Brazil they’re being hung up with import laws.

Rest assured some company will be making and selling Taurus CT9 high capacity magazines in 25 or 30 round capacity within the next few months. It will probably be 2014 before we see any high capacity CT9 or CT40 magazines for sale because it takes manufactures a few months to tool up the machine that create the magazines.

If Taurus doesn’t make the high capacity CT9 magazines, a third party manufacture will…just be patient.

2 Responses to Taurus CT9 Magazines – CT9 High Capacity Magazines

  1. Brandon says:

    Well I sure hope so…just got my ct9 yesterday and those 10rd mags are no fun haha

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