.40 Caliber Taurus CT9

Published on October 23rd, 2013


Taurus CT9 – Taurus CT40

Checkout the brand new Taurus CT9 9mm carbine. The Taurus CT9 combines striking good looks with the popular 9mm cartridge and lots of great built in features.

The entire top of the receiver has a full length rail and comes with some great adjustable sights. You can quickly mount any combination of optics you can think of along any part along the top of the CT9.

The rail is very strong because it’s machined into the upper receiver and is one piece aluminum.

The front hand guard has a built in picatinny rail that is long enough to mount anything you want. You can also easily add a couple rails on each side of the hand guard for even more options.

Ambidextrous charging hand allows you to put the charging handle on either side of the Taurus CT9 that you want.

While currently you can only get a 10 round magazine because of import laws, everyone expects Taurus CT9 30 round magazines to pop onto the market very soon.

The Taurus CT9 weighs in at 6.6 pounds and has a 16″ barrel.

Taurus CT9 accessories

Taurus CT9 for sale

Taurus CT9 magazine 


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